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Some of The Most Fashionable Trends for Your Home

Your home is not complete without a nice garden, a playful backyard, a comfortable patio or a pool. For some inspiration check out our list of the latest fashionable trends in outdoor living. Most of them are low budget, relatively simple and definitely plenty of fun.

1. Blended gardens 

A blended garden incorporates traditional garden plants and flowers with edibles. The garden therefore achieves two purposes; beautifying your outdoors and providing a healthy bounty for your kitchen. For urban residents, blending helps make the most use out of limited space.

So in addition to your coloured blooms, consider also planting edibles such as carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and cilantro. As a bonus, you get some new smells filling up your garden.

2. Taking indoors outside

Move your patio beyond the traditional wooden furniture into something more homely. It is easy to recreate the indoor experience, outdoors. Look for couches and sofas that are designed for all-weather use. They will not be upholstered but most come with thick cushions, comfy pillows and padded armrests. You can also opt for furniture upholstered with waterproof fabric made from acrylic fibre.

To complete the experience, why not buy a propane or electric fireplace for warmth and décor. You can also opt for a propane fire pit table instead of a fireplace. 

3. Water features

While a pool is nice, you might not have the budget or space to have one. An extra water feature can add some character to your outdoors. Ranging from simple water urns to a fountain or water walls, there is something for every budget. You can even just go with a simple fish-filled pond in your backyard.

4. Outdoor cooking


Go beyond the backyard grill and build a whole outdoor kitchen. Pair it up with an outdoor dining area and you have the perfect place to entertain guests or simply enjoy a family lunch on a sunny day.

Due to elements, make sure that you find a technician who will advise you on what materials you should get for cabinets and furniture. When it comes to colours, go for a design that either blends well with the outdoors or which creates a nice contrast with the greenery outside.

Do not forget to install the right lighting for those times you want to enjoy your dinner outdoors. 

5. More life

Add some life to your outdoors by attracting birds. Certain flowers and trees work very well in drawing birds to your backyard. The extra colour and noise will liven up your home. Some homeowners are also opting for other forms of bird life such as chicken or ducks.

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